We use PHP & HTML5 cloud computing techniques and guarantee the standard of quality in all Web Applications. Our service areas are as followed:

Enterprise-grade Website Design

LYRASOFT makes beautiful and fresh web design to keep you in trend. You’ve come to the right place for developing a scalable website that fits your company image.

Joomla website making

We are one of the core Joomla development members to the Joomla CMS development and maintenance. Our services range from extendable Joomla websites to CMS development for particular application integrations.

Ecommerce/Online shopping cart

We accommodate different logic and layout requirements according to different natures of businesses like for virtual goods, software, books, or even non-fixed weight-pricing items to name a few. We make customized services on your site possible to fulfill daily operation.

For clients who only need basic functions for shopping websites, we can complete projects very quickly. Additionally, the website can even be equipped with online payment services for China and the world.

Enterprise Internal Management

ERP/CRM systems are often built with many modules, but most companies still seek for customization to a certain degree during the actual implementation. We provide consultancy for companies with special needs throughout the planning process, which the traditional ERPs are unable to accommodate exactly.

ERP is a vast and complicated system by nature; it involves the integration of company operational processes. During the development stage, we will need a deeper understanding of the internal business workflow and then propose adjustments catered to the unique systems. Of course, it will require our clients to work closely with us to increase the chances of success.

Apps Integration

Our team adopts Hybrid App development techniques, which is the best solution for specific integration as the applications are made compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

We also do back-end development. If you already have your own App products just that you are not quite familiar with how to set up the web systems and HTTP server, we are happy to design an friendly back-end management User Interface for you.

Types of information systems

LAYRASOFT are capable of designing a wide range of information systems for plenty of purposes; for instance, event sign-up, equipment rentals, course management and even Intranet for enterprise internal applications. Of course, they will all come with stunning front-end designs.

UI Design & Prototyping

If a complete system with fully extended functions is not necessarily what you are looking for, we do offer instinctive UI Design prototyping service for future development or showcases. Of course, redesigning and making the original system better is equally a great option

If you have more questions for website design and system developments, please refer to our blog for more information.

System Development

Web Design