Members of LYRASOFT team have been devoting to provide superb Web development services since 2008. We started our new company in 2014, focusing on high-quality Web cloud computing services, enterprise-grade web design, Search Engine Optimization and more.

LYRASOFT is proud to be the most experienced and professional solution provider for Joomla! CMS. We have solid knowledge background enough to modify the core functions unconstrainedly and to develop independent applications. We are also a world-class PHP development team, featuring our self-developed Open Source Framework Systems to serve our clients the best.

In addition to the usual business, we put much effort in participating and giving back to the communities. For example, the important local communities, I Love Joomla! and, have always got our full support. We continue to expose ourselves to more communities and hope to live the spirit of Open Source, "free to use, download and sharing".